Grant Management
Grant management Key Features
  • This has the capability to assign roles for each type of user so that users can only view specific data as assigned by administrator. For example facility, regional, state administrator.
  • Ability to separate grants by organization and grant type Such as Organization EMS / Hospital, Grant Type Traditional etc.
  • Ability to filter data by type of user so users can create reports only for the information they have access to.
  • Display the “amount spent” on the “grant expenditure” tabs for all users not just the administrator user.
  • Ability to create ad hoc reports. Ex number of vents, beds, etc purchased by region.
  • The ability to add additional information in the system such as the tracking number, model and serial number of item so they facilities can track grant purchases. Facilities should also be able to view and print tracking spreadsheet including all the grant years.
  • Ability to lock the system so users cannot add information once it has been approved by HHS grant staff and when a facility has been given a “0” dollar amount.