M STAT Key Features
  • The new M Stat is a major leap forward in the monitoring of your critical healthcare infrastructure at all times, but especially in an emergency.
  • High degree of flexibility in the configuration of key elements such as status items, level of reporting, and user interface messaging.
  • Users can export history to Excel in all key reporting areas
  • SMART data entry, allowing the use of business rules to enforce data integrity between different status states (i.e. if a user indicates that power has been restored but has not turned off a generator, the application issues a warning to perform this critical action for the user. This ensures that reports prepared for senior leaders have consistent, defensible data)
  • Integrated with other modules in the Comtec Emergency Preparedness Application Suite.
    • Resource Management Bed Poll and M Stat Census Report are linked. Users can provide this critical data in either application with real-time updates throughout the application suite.
    • Integration with the Messaging module for automated notifications triggered by certain status states (i.e. if a facility indicates that they are on generator power, an email can be automatically generated to the ESF 8 team managing the incident).
    • Single Sign-On integration.
  • Accomodates high-level person-tracking functionality for small facilities without sophisticated IT support.