Survey Key Features
  • ComTec’s Survey application provides robust survey functionality targeted to customer oriented facilities.
  • Flexibility is a significant feature of thissystem as it provides secure and easy access points for approved users. It provides respondent SSL encryption secure links and each respondent requires user id and password to respond to their assigned survey.
  • A respondent (the primary user) can assign the survey to other internal users who can fill various sections of the Survey without being able to finish the survey. The primary user can review all the sections of the Survey completed by various internal users before marking the Survey as complete.
  • Survey’sunique design allows integration with existing databases through standard, secure web service protocols.
  • ComTec’s Survey provides sophisticated statistical options to market research and analyzes the survey results. It exports the full range of question types and output to spreadsheets for robust analysis that can be downloaded to local computer for further analysis.
  • ComTec’s Survey provides survey layout type selection and customized survey look through survey questions display options. It creates unlimited number of questions and pages.