Business Strategy

Big Data” is the new buzzword of this decade. The internet is filled with all sorts of Big Data jargon, tools to use, methods to follow, and statistics to savor. Whether you fully believe the hype or not, big data will continue to have a fundamental impact on your business over the next few years. Yet jumping on the big data bandwagon can backfire in a very expensive way without a concise strategy and roadmap for leveraging, acting on and benefitting from the information.

According to a recent survey, almost 49% of organizations are somewhat or very concerned about managing big data, but 38% of the organizations don’t understand what “Big Data” actually is and a further 27% say that they only have partial understanding.

To exploit big data, better predict outcomes and improve every aspect of the business, organizations must have a Big Data Strategy which includes business and technology strategies.

“Data Driven Companies Win. You need to have to Big Data Strategy.”

“If companies don’t have a strategy for using big data and simply stick to their old processes, they’ll end up at a competitive disadvantage”

Our experience, skills and tools can help you make successful in deriving business value from big data. Big Data Business Strategy needs to be developed before developing the technology strategy.

Before developing the Big Data Business Strategy, ComTec Big Data team works with your business and IT SMEs to understand the current-state and business needs.

  • Current State Assessment Inventory available data, how it’s structured, what value it offers, and how to validate it for use.
  • Business Needs and Opportunities Gather additional business needs for information, document the opportunities available through big data and how they align to your strategic priorities, helping you to build the business case.

ComTec Big Data Business Strategy

Business-Centric Plan ComTec Big Data team focuses on business value that’s why we start with the information needs, not with technology. A Big Data Strategy needs to be more than a technology discussion. It needs to focus on defining a business goal, identify data, reporting and analytics needs to achieve it and training needs of the people who are going to use them. The strategy needs to consider the future data, market and economic changes also.


Big Data Use Cases Big data has many different use cases.There’s data out there that could improve every decision your organization makes, whether it’s choosing a new market to enter, specifying a new product, targeting your marketing, or re-engineering internal processes. But you can’t do it all at once. ComTec works with you in prioritizing the use cases where new intelligence, insight and intuition would really benefit.