Commercial Analytic Applications

Packaged analytic applications are enterprise-class software solutions that enable your organization to implement common business analytic solutions in less time and with a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) than might otherwise be possible with a 100% custom build strategy.

These solutions embed knowledge of decision-making best practices and express specific metrics for a given set of business functions. Because they contain predefined mappings from leading Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) sources to their target data warehouse structures, packaged analytics can enrich an existing data warehouse solution or be used to quickly extend the value of ERP and other operational systems.

The leading business intelligence tools vendors such as Business Objects and Cognos, as well as ERP vendors like Oracle/PeopleSoft, SAP, Lawson & Siebel offer these “solution” frameworks. They enable our consultants to rapidly implement corporate performance management solutions while delivering a data extraction platform for building custom analytics for the business processes unique to your company or industry.

The packaged analytics applicable to all organizations include

Our business intelligence professionals work closely with the ComTec’s Custom Applications Integration consultants and our Portal Solutions team to deliver the technical and functional expertise necessary to integrated business performance management and analytics into the fabric of your organization. We help you integrate dashboards and reporting into your Enterprise Reporting Portals, and share business intelligence findings with other applications through XML-based Web Services.

Supply Chain Analytics

Better manage your operational activities by reducing procurement costs, driving efficiencies in your supply chain, and managing logistics to provide optimal service.

HR Analytics

Understand how your staffing strategy impacts productivity, evaluate workforce skills, and benchmark your organization against industry best practices.

By collaborating with The ComTec’s ERP teams, our CPM professionals tap into vast technical and functional expertise of applications and data models, effectively bringing a best-of-breed approach to your commercial data warehousing efforts. We do this while working with your own internal teams to design the right buy and build approach that will achieve the optimal combination of out-of-the-box vs. custom analytics with the overall lowest TCO.