Data Warehouse

Corporate Performance Management is enabled by the data warehouse. There are two technical keys to building and managing successful data warehouse architecture.

First, dimensional modeling has emerged as the standard analysis and design approach for developing data warehouse and associated business intelligence applications. Platforms and tools optimized for the development of dimensional applications explicitly support dimensional architecture and techniques to improve application quality and developer productivity.

The ComTec’s consultants utilize a dimensional approach that enables employees, managers and executives to look at their business from multiple perspectives, in the way that makes sense to them. They quickly gain insights and the ability to make incisive decisions based on business facts.

Iteratively delivering the incremental data warehouse architecture is part of our approach we call architected data marts. This iterative, flexible and scalable data architecture is the second key to technical data warehouse success.

Included in our architected data mart philosophy are features such as distributed components, data latency & changed data capture (CDC) strategies, data quality monitoring & exception reporting, loading & usage auditing, and data privacy & security safe guards. All of this is structured in our own Developer’s Toolkit designed to help you get up and running in the shortest amount of time possible.

By getting the data warehouse architecture right, you have positioned your organization for long-term success in delivering performance management applications, enabling a faster payback and higher ROI for each successive application built.