Metadata Driven Applications

Right-time Solutions

Data integration strategies that follow traditional ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) approaches can be an incomplete solution. By nature, a Data integration-ETL solution has a high reliance on the consistency of source data. This means that as source operational systems evolve or get replaced there is a direct impact to decision support environment because the data becomes dated (no pun intended). In a worst-case scenario, this can render data non-operational. While tools such as Informatica’s PowerCenter and SuperGlue can pre-determine such an impact, the optimal solution is in “moving the right data at the right time”. This invariably gives rise to a Data-hub solution which begins to act as an integration broker across many data sources and associated applications. The data integration solution can be augmented into a process integration solution, achievable when there is explicit messaging between applications.

Messaging between applications is actually metadata, meaning that consistent and well understood information is required for success. Products like Informatica’s SuperGlue which adopts Open Management Group Common Warehouse Model (OMG CWM) standards present opportunities to function as a foundational component of the overall solution.

An example of this is the Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), a recent integration innovation that combines message-oriented-middleware with patterns of ETL, XML and workflow to provision the movement of data between application end-points.

Data-centric Applications “Old School

A cornerstone of a total solution, bring together data visualization with operational applications, creating business views specific to roles and processes within your organization. Combined with a content management solution and a collaboration strategy precisely address the needs of clients, customers, partners and employees. ComTec provides access solutions with which to take advantage of Business Intelligence.