Concerned About COVID-19?

Concerned About COVID-19? 2020-03-18T15:06:33+00:00

We are in the midst of an unpresented time as we deal with COVID-19. Added to this health concern, the speed of information from social media and the volume of various information sources it quickly becomes overwhelming. ComTec is not a certified or licensed health expert. However, we care about our clients and employees impacted by COVID-19. We want to do our part and share key information on our website with our professional community that may benefit others. Please note, you should consult your physician or a doctor if you have any questions or concerns.

We have summarized some important information from the CDC and WHO for you. If the following apply to you it is suggested, you are tested. Don’t forget to call ahead to your physician or doctor’s office.

  • Did you travel recently to China, Italy, South Korea, Japan or Iran?
  • Did you have contact with any one with COVID -19 disease?
  • Do you think you could potentially be exposed?

If the answer is yes to any of the above plus the symptoms below you are suggested to get tested for COVID 19.

  • Do you have fever?
  • Do you have body aches?
  • Do you have sore throat?
  • Do you have cough?
  • Do you have runny nose?
  • Do you have shortness of breath?

Please refer to these websites for frequently asked questions.


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