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Our employees’ and customers’ safety is a top priority for ComTec. Recently we have seen many cases of COVID–19 being reported in multiple states and some areas are also experiencing community spread of the disease. We are continuously monitoring the spread of COVID–19 inside U.S and also around the world. We are sharing these travel guidelines to reduce the risk of COVID–19 virus transmission and reduce risk of exposure to this virus. These guidelines will be effective immediately and will be in place at least through April 2020. These guidelines are subject to revision as conditions change. These guidelines are applicable to ComTec employees working in all locations. Any specific travel guidelines issued by our client would supersede these guidelines.

International Business Travel:

ComTec suspends international business travel to countries where the COVID–19 virus is widespread including: China, Iran, South Korea, Italy and Japan. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has identified all such countries and designated them with level 2 or level 3 Travel Health Risk. The list of all such countries is available on the CDC site ( These guidelines are applicable to all the forms of mass transit. I.e. Commercial Airlines, Trains, Buses and all other forms of transportation.

  1. The list of impacted countries will be regularly updated as conditions change.
  2. Employees must review the CDC website for updates prior to initiating any international travel requests.
  3. Employees who are already on travel must discuss with respective managers and plan for a safe return.

Domestic Business Travel:

ComTec restricts domestic travel only to business-critical scenarios. All the employees and leaders are requested to consider the following:

  1. Why is the business travel necessary?
  2. What is the business risk if the travel does not occur?
  3. Are there alternative ways to accomplish the business objective? i.e. Virtual Meetings or Conference/Video Calls?

Personal Travel:

ComTec recommends employees avoid personal international travel to countries where COVID–19 is widespread. The list of countries impacted with Corona Virus (COVID–19) is available on the on the CDC site:

  1. The COVID–19 situation is evolving rapidly. You could encounter a change in conditions at a destination which was previously considered to be free from this virus spread.
  2. We recommend employees carry their laptop and other necessary items home before any travel.

Mandates to be followed for all business and personal travel:

Notify immediate manager about the following things before any travel:

  1. Mode of transportation – Airline, Train, Bus, Cruise or any other mode.
  2. Departure date and return date.
  3. Destinations being visited during the trip.
  4. Date of reporting to work and work location after returning from trip.
  5. Phone number, alternate phone number and email where you could be reached.

After you return from travel:

  1. Notify your immediate manager about your arrival.
  2. If you travelled to the places which are not experiencing widespread COVID–19, perform a self-check before returning to the office.
  3. If you travelled to the places which are experiencing widespread COVID–19, please watch for symptoms of the disease.
    Please visit CDC link for symptoms:
  4. If you develop emergency signs of COVID–19 seek medical attention immediately.

Precautions and preventive measures implemented by our customers:

  1. Some have issued mandatory work from home for extended periods of time.
  2. Few are following a quarantine period for employees who visited COVID–19 impacted areas.
  3. Some of them are offering paid leave if work from home is not possible.

We request you all to please check with your immediate manager and HR for any such customer specific mandates and requirements.


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