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7 Use Cases of RPA in Healthcare Industry


The current buzz word across most industries is Robotic Process Automation. After the success in many sectors, RPA is a much sought after technology that is being rapidly adopted across industries because of the multiple benefits it offers.

Whenever we hear the word Robotic Process Automation, most people picture robots replacing humans. However, this is not completely true.

Robotics, machine learning, artificial intelligence are next-generation technologies that are being implemented in the workplace much to the advantage of organizations that want to achieve their goals and keep pace with their competitors.

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Restaurant Forecast: 5 Steps to Get Success in a Changing Restaurant Industry


This is the 5th step in 5 steps to getting success in a changing restaurant industry.

Forecasting is a powerful way in restaurant business planning to make better and informed business decisions. Restaurant forecasting is an expectation derived from analyzing historical sales or guest-count data and drawing a conclusion about the future to save on food and labor costs using advanced mathematical algorithms.

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How RPA Can Help In Transforming The Future of Order Processing Automation


Till some time back, using an automation software to automate various business tasks was a high-tech concept way beyond the reach of many businesses and even IT firms. But now when you walk into the boardroom of multinationals and ask them how they streamline their business process, the first thing that pops up is process automation.

RPA or Robotic Process Automation is a technology that mimics the human actions that are associated with a multitude of businesses. The ‘robots’ involved in this process aren’t the robots in a physical sense, rather they are the software that are used in computers and works with all business applications. Their chief functions include collecting and comparing data from different systems, adjusting insurance claims, processing orders or doing anything that is predictable and repeatable.

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How can RPA help companies rethink HR Tasks?


Artificial intelligence and machine learning and the applications thereof are widespread across various sectors and industries. Another technology that is creating ripples is RPA (Robotic Process Automation).

As a HR leader, you must be aware about the increasing use of Robotic Process Automation in easing up tasks and fastening up processes. It is a technology that has been successfully implemented in other functional departments but only recently companies have started to apply its vast potential to the Human Resource space.

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How Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Will Change the Role of Human Workers


In the 1930s, John Maynard Keynes prophesied that technology will displace jobs and lead to unemployment. Cut to the present times, you will find one of the pertinent question that every employee of an organization ask its management is – will robots take away our jobs?

It’s a fear that stems from various news reports that they read and hear everywhere; such as the report by McKinsey that states around 60% of occupations could have 30% or more of their constituents automated.

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Top 7 RPA Use Cases In Manufacturing Industry


Manufacturing Automation has attracted recent innovations in factories in various sectors. Significantly, the manufacturing sector is experiencing error-free and streamlined procedures without completing full performance to give the best productivity using RPA.

Wrong replication processes dramatically increase the risky productivity of manufacturing companies and the smart leaders of these companies embrace the Robotics Process Automation to increase their output and good productivity.

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Develop Trade Area analytics for Your Restaurant


This is the 4th step in 5 steps to getting success in a changing restaurant industry.

Define an exact trade area around each site to forecast revenue and make more effective marketing campaigns, and to show where you are underserving areas or where you are cannibalizing sales from another site.

Consumers are not willing to travel longer distances and you have to understand where your customers are located in your trade area. Trade area for your restaurant is a combination of the total number of people matching your customer profile, their behaviors, and their spending potential.

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Restaurant Business Expansion to Get Success in a Changing Restaurant Industry


This is the 3rd step in 5 steps to getting success in a changing restaurant industry.

Enter new markets carefully and prioritize expansion efforts based on factors that are relevant to the success of your restaurant brand, such as the level of competitive pressure.

After identifying most potential markets based on where the greatest number of potential customers live, start prioritizing which metro areas to focus on first.

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Forecasting The Future of Robotic Process Automation

Forecasting The Future of Robotic Process Automation.png

Think about an enterprise applying for a working capital loan. The request is added to a queue, the vetting process takes a couple of weeks, a compliance procedure is followed, and if everything goes per plan, your loan is granted.

Unfortunately, in a reducing era of timespans, results are needed faster than ever, and what way out could work? Solutions like Robotic process automation in banking is here, which is the mimicking of human habits and workflows, to deliver the same in a faster and error-free manner.Continue Reading…

10 Great Lessons You Can Learn From Robotic Process Automation

10-Great-Lessons-You-Can-Learn-From-Robotic-Process-Automation.pngThe enterprise world has come to a tricky junction, where there are potentially two wide paths: take the route of widespread automation in a bid to counter flattening growth, or take a cautious approach by revamping internal processes, balancing process automation & employee productivity.

The time to decide for enterprises is now. Businesses are already integrating robust strategies, and are seeing an uptick of 30-70% in overall performance across their functions.

From our experience as mainstream RPA vendors, let’s dive into how our takeaways can help you make informed decisions to get started in process and workflow automation:

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