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The Top RPA Trends of 2018

the-top-robotic-process-automation-rpa-trends=in-2018.pngExpansion of business technology investments into the digitally disruptive sector requires an understanding of trends to get a broader perspective in the digital world.

The trends knowhow directly affects the future success of your organization and its survival too. The demand for automation is increasing and is expected to reshape the industry in 2018.

RPA has been one of the most intensive and disruptive technologies prevalent in the digital arena. The RPA technology saw robust growth after it was implemented in various industries and the market for automation has accelerated in 2018.

RPA has proved itself to be a hot cake with proven benefits for enterprises and unlimited potential to increase the productivity.  

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Top 10 Customer Metrics for Restaurants Industry

Top-10-Customer-Metrics-for-Restaurants-Industry.pngA 2016 survey by the National Restaurant Association says four out of five restaurant owners believe technology will be the secret sauce to reviving their business fortune.

Your customer is uncompromising, is well informed and is equipped to glorify or ruin your brand’s reputation. Well, hoteliers and restaurants have an ace up their sleeves: restaurant analytics.

One of the world’s most recognized industries is overhauling itself for a future that is brighter and will become more targeted to niche customer groups, thanks to decisions being taken on cold, hard data insights like menu analytics for restaurants.

Let’s see what customer metrics will help accelerate your growth:

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How Is Industrial IoT Analytics Revolutionizing The Manufacturing Industry


Although there were instances and mentions of ‘things’ or a mesh of devices during the previous era of the industrial revolution, Industry 4.0 has heralded a science fiction-esque future that is building increasingly powerful enterprises, something we had just recently thought was many years away.

The power of Industrial IoT is coming to the fore, as the manufacturing sector becomes its biggest investor. As organizations balance the legacy of their existing infrastructure with new technologies like IoT whose force is combined with cutting-edge predictive analytics, deep learning and robotic process automation, there is a huge wave that is sweeping the manufacturing world.

IoT spend in manufacturing is expected to touch $189 billion in 2018, with focus largely on solutions that can overhaul manufacturing operations, production processes and asset management.

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Why Are Industrial IoT Analytics Advancing Rapidly?


If ‘digital’ is the most overused buzzword going around that everyone boasts trying it out one way or another, the glorified software works on the basis of the foundation – hardware.

Today, the use of traditional monitoring units that have led to some catastrophes we know about is moving over and giving way to Industrial IoT units: small, smart and connected ‘things’ or hardware that are drops forming a big ocean. That is the ocean of unprecedented insights and far-reaching business benefits.

But the latter two cannot be reached without robust analytics software. That’s because the tremendous amount of data coming in from these sensors across a manufacturing plant have to be sifted, analyzed and transformed into actionable predictions. That is where the power of manufacturing IoT comes in.

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Top Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Trends in 2017

Top-Robotic-Process-Automation-(RPA)-Trends-in-2017.pngA mega revolution is currently kicking up a huge storm all over the world. The wave of automation is sweeping over everyone, and it is up to you to latch on the wave and take the ride of your life. The Robotic Process Automation phenomenon is here to stay, despite naysayers bragging about RPA being a temporary trend.

The Robotic Process Automation market in IT is forecasted to grow at a compound annual rate of 60.5%, from 2014 to 2020.

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10 Benefits of Robotic Process Automation

10-benefits-of-robotic-process-automation.jpgA skilled resource anywhere across the world usually devotes her time on two types of tasks: routine and non-routine. While the latter allows for creative and cognitive thinking that allow organizations to evolve and stay with the times, the time share given to the former could well be relooked at.

Robotic Process Automation, according to an expert in this field, is the science of taking the robot out of the human.

BPM revenues in 2015 were around $177 billion, but the impact of robotic process automation was around $125-175 million. Although it is a significant figure, the scope of expansion is very huge, considering technology services and products are being adopted heavily in a digital-first world, and companies increasing workload and resource crunch. We throw some light on how RPA could be the silver bullet your business needs today:

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How Are Restaurants Using Analytics to Drive Better ROI


There are a number of food startups that are killing it out in the market. And it’s no surprise why they are called food-tech newbies. Yet, big restaurants nowadays are resting on their laurels, assuming business will flow to them like it has in the past.

Noticing those sudden drops in your growth and revenue curves? If your restaurant is using operating procedures that reckon with the paperback, or a Windows XP era PC, can I introduce you to the new-age, powered by restaurant analytics?

I’m not sure how technology providers for restaurants haven’t reached your doorstep to pitch their service, but the QSR IT market is set to touch $6.22 billion by 2024.Continue Reading…

Why you should not worry about Robotic Process Automation?


Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has been a cause of worry for employees and companies alike. While employees are worried about automation replacing them, companies are worried about the change management and the cost that they have to incur to introduce RPA in their business. To make matter worse, reports such as the following are only adding to the already mounting worries:

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Why is Menu analytics getting so popular?



Why is Menu analytics getting so popular?:-Would it surprise you if I tell that data is the most critical ingredient in today’s restaurant business? Food and restaurant tech has grown over the past few years, with customers becoming the no. 1 adapters to apps like Seamless, Doordash,, etc.

Would it surprise you if I tell that data is the most critical ingredient in today’s restaurant business? Food and restaurant tech has grown over the past few years, with customers becoming the no. 1 adapters to apps like Seamless, Doordash,, etc.

In the era of extreme competition, where time is of the essence, restaurants, especially quick service restaurants are increasingly turning to data analytics to reduce costs, increase revenue, and get better ROI.

Now, big chain brands like, Starbucks and McDonald’s are creating their services, launching apps that shoppers can use to pre-order and pay for their shopping list before entering the store. It’s an industry where time is money, where margins are small, but volumes are vast.

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Debunking the myths about Robotic Process Automation


  • Robotic Process Automation market share is going to exceed USD 5 billion by 2024, says a new research report by Global Markets Insights. Inc.
  • “Coupling robotic process automation with comprehensive analytics and industry-leading services helps improve the financial position of our customers,” says Rob Gontarek, president, and CEO of Meridian Medical Management.
  • Mizuho Financial Group aims to automate a workload equivalent to 8,000 jobs by fiscal 2021, and 19,000 jobs by fiscal 2026.

The above excerpts are just few out of the hundred articles that are published regularly. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is in news almost every day for helping businesses in improving revenue and operations through automation.

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