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How Can RPA Address the Challenges Faced By Customer Support Representatives


Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a digital transformation technology that is transforming the way businesses conduct their operations. After the massive success the technology has brought to organizations across various sectors and industries, businesses are now exploring how this technology could help assist customer support representatives.

A popular adage says ‘Customer is King.’ Customers are seeking quick fix solutions round the clock to the problems that they encounter on a daily basis. Whether it is reporting a technical issue with a purchased product that is troubling them or requesting changes in their orders; customer support representatives have to be on their toes to solve the problems of their clients.

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How RPA Reduces Risk in Business Operations?


Robotic Process Automation (RPA) provides multiple benefits for an organization to effectively manage their business operations. One such benefit of RPA program is to reduce the overall risk that is associated with any operation taken by any business. Today, we give you our extensive guide on as to how RPA can help your company in achieving maximum efficiency by minimizing operational risks that it encounters in its way.

Benefits of RPA

RPA plays a pivotal role in the manner in which today’s workforce has been entirely digitalized and has enabled them to modify the way in which these workplace undertake their everyday work and tasks.

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10 Use Cases for RPA in Insurance Industry


We are living in an era where each day breaks to face a new technology and the whole world is under the control of these different technologies. Robot Process Automation is one among the emerging technologies that has come up with so many promises for different niches.

Robot Process Automation is the software technology that works based on software robots that have Artificial Intelligence to perform tasks like controlling desktop based applications, collecting data base on certain aspects, feeding the gathered data to some applications and also to manipulate the data that is already gathered from previous processes based on the current scenario.

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Define and Know Your Exact Target Restaurant Customer


In the introduction of this series, we discussed all the 5 steps in brief. It’s now time to actually start digging deep into each of these steps.

As a restaurant owner, you should do homework and attract the right customers and see if you are targeting the right demographics. Customers are one of the most important elements to take into consideration to run a successful restaurant. The success of a restaurant is determined by the revenue it brings, revenue depends on the business and restaurant business depends on the number of customers you have.

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Introduction: 5 Steps to Get Success in a Changing Restaurant Industry


This is an introduction to 5 steps to getting success in a changing restaurant industry.

It hardly matters if your aim is to get capital investment, expand your restaurant franchises or optimize your restaurant territories. Deep Customer Analytics and insights play a key role in differentiating the restaurant players who are growing from the ones that aren’t.

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Analyzing Your Restaurant Market Potential and Mapping it to Industry Trends


This is the 2nd step in 5 steps to getting success in a changing restaurant industry.

How can you tell if a market is completely saturated or if there’s still room for you to grow there?

You, as a restaurant owner, should have a deeper knowledge of the present restaurant market scenario to discover the feasibility of expanding or continuing a restaurant in a preferred region. This depends on various factors:

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8 RPA Use Cases in Retail Industry


Retail has been one of the most prominent and growth oriented sectors, especially in the emerging markets in the recent past. According to a report by eMarketer, the retail industry is expected to reach a mark of $27.7 trillion in global sales by 2020 and along with the growing opportunities; the competition among different players is rapidly rising.

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5 Business Use Cases of Robotic Process Automation


Deutsche Bank, leading global financial solutions provider was looking to optimize its trade finance and loan operations functions, in a highly regulated and increasingly competitive market. They onboarded a robotics in banking portfolio, offered by myriad RPA vendors and now have more than half their functions automated.

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10 Ways How Robotic Process Automation Is Transforming The Banking Industry


If that loan was granted early, or your cheque cleared faster than ever, don’t count your stars. It’s the advantage of RPA in banking adopted by your bank.

The BFSI industry is adopting process automation like no other sector, and the reasons are obvious: myriad regulatory and company procedures to follow or diverse financial products for a broad population.

A survey by PricewaterhouseCoopers among financial sector respondents showed about 30% were not just experimenting with Robotic process automation in banking, but were on their way to adopt it across the enterprise.

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RPA Myth Busters

rpa-myth-busters.pngIn today’s fast-paced global environment with automation everywhere many organizations have deployed RPA to achieve improved customer satisfaction and process savings.

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