How is RPA Changing the Face of BPO Industry?


There’s a new kid on the block and it is named Robotic Process Automation. After the success of RPA in a variety of sectors and industries, businesses globally are rushing to embrace it. And one among these is the BPO industry. BPOs today understand that their world is changing. BPOs amongst many others are exploring alternatives to labor arbitrage. It blends well with their business model and complements their core competencies.

RPA is itself a type of outsourcing where instead of assigning work to a human being you are outsourcing the same to a software robot. RPA also threatens existing BPO relationships because of its efficiency and increased usability.

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The Value of RPA in Telecom Industry


The telecommunications industry has been in existence since long and is technologically well equipped to meet the challenges that it faces from time to time. But as time passes, newer and unique challenges arise while providing innovative services to the customers. Telecom companies have to compete with each other to make available uninterrupted, affordable and cutting edge services to their customers.

As the services expand to the remotest of corners and customers’ demand for superior customer experience increases, telecom providers will feel the heat to live up to the expectations of the users. Many service providers are facing challenges like cutting down operational costs, making business more agile and improving business efficiency.  Companies also need to hire and retain top talent so that they can develop new services.

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16 Creative ways in which companies can use RPA


In our past few blogs, we have discussed in-depth about how Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has proven to be beneficial to telecom, banks, and manufacturing industries. We have discussed the routine tasks that the technology can automate across every industry.

In this blog, we are going to explore RPA further and discuss the creative ways in which companies are using it to automate their tasks.

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