7 Use Cases of RPA in Healthcare Industry


The current buzz word across most industries is Robotic Process Automation. After the success in many sectors, RPA is a much sought after technology that is being rapidly adopted across industries because of the multiple benefits it offers.

Whenever we hear the word Robotic Process Automation, most people picture robots replacing humans. However, this is not completely true.

Robotics, machine learning, artificial intelligence are next-generation technologies that are being implemented in the workplace much to the advantage of organizations that want to achieve their goals and keep pace with their competitors.

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Restaurant Forecast: 5 Steps to Get Success in a Changing Restaurant Industry


This is the 5th step in 5 steps to getting success in a changing restaurant industry.

Forecasting is a powerful way in restaurant business planning to make better and informed business decisions. Restaurant forecasting is an expectation derived from analyzing historical sales or guest-count data and drawing a conclusion about the future to save on food and labor costs using advanced mathematical algorithms.

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10 Use Cases for RPA in Insurance Industry


We are living in an era where each day breaks to face a new technology and the whole world is under the control of these different technologies. Robot Process Automation is one among the emerging technologies that has come up with so many promises for different niches.

Robot Process Automation is the software technology that works based on software robots that have Artificial Intelligence to perform tasks like controlling desktop based applications, collecting data base on certain aspects, feeding the gathered data to some applications and also to manipulate the data that is already gathered from previous processes based on the current scenario.

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