Case Study – Batch Automation RPA for leading insurance company

Batch Automation RPA for a leading insurance company reduces the TCO of  IT Batch Job Team

Business challenge

The client, a leading insurance company, wanted to reduce the Total Cost of Ownership of IT services team. To do this, one of the areas they chose to work on was the area of automation of execution and monitoring of batch jobs.

About the company

The client is a Fortune 500 Insurance Company. Based in the United States of America, the company sells insurance products across the country.


The team at ComTec segregated the project into three stages – Discovery, Develop and Deliver.


In this stage, the team analyzed the current manual process, i.e:

  • Execution of jobs on Unix server,
  • Transferring of files to Unix server,
  • Downloading of files from the server, and
  • Validation of them on UNIX.
    1. Input file validation,
    2. Result file validation,
    3. Mailbox monitoring
    4. Application monitoring
    5. Job monitoring


In the developing stage, the team developed three bots using UIPath. The aim of developing these bots was to help the company to schedule and execute the jobs using the bots.


The team delivered three bots.

  • TCC job monitoring bot: This bot validates input file, executes the job on UNIX, validates the result file, re-executes the jobs if required, and monitors the mailbox.
  • SAP job monitoring: Apart from the input file and result file validation; this bot executes jobs on SAP, monitors jobs and escalates when needed.
  • Interface monitoring: Bot verifies every job status and notifies all stakeholders via e-mail. Publishes the report on SharePoint.


Saved 6700 man hours of effort per year

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