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4 Strategies To Boost Your ROI with Restaurant Analytics

4-strategies-to-boost-your-roi-with-restaurant-analytics.pngWhat if I told you that restaurants are already killing it at targeting their audience with custom offers that are based on their interactions, and their behavior patterns? Emerging restaurant and hotel chains who are eating chunks of business away from legacy hospitality brands are putting money where their mouth is: showing that robust restaurant data analytics solutions is the path of the future, rather than resting on established reputation.

That’s because the future is already here. One where loyalty is tossed out of the window, rather delivering personalized offerings and a customer-first approach.

Statistics show a stunning 70% of restaurants which are open for a year, close within 3-5 years of operations.

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How Are Restaurants Using Analytics to Drive Better ROI


There are a number of food startups that are killing it out in the market. And it’s no surprise why they are called food-tech newbies. Yet, big restaurants nowadays are resting on their laurels, assuming business will flow to them like it has in the past.

Noticing those sudden drops in your growth and revenue curves? If your restaurant is using operating procedures that reckon with the paperback, or a Windows XP era PC, can I introduce you to the new-age, powered by restaurant analytics?

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5 Crucial Product Analytics for eCommerce

5 Crucial Product Analytics for eCommerce.png

Double digit growth, Amazon rising as a superpower, and voice-based ordering becoming the new normal. Haven’t we been hearing this all too often? But apart from the ease of use advantage, the single biggest factor differentiating ecommerce from offline retail, is the versatility of analytics tools being used, especially product analytics to derive valuable cognizance of customer’s behavior and operational procedures.

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Why is Menu analytics getting so popular?



Why is Menu analytics getting so popular?:-Would it surprise you if I tell that data is the most critical ingredient in today’s restaurant business? Food and restaurant tech has grown over the past few years, with customers becoming the no. 1 adapters to apps like Seamless, Doordash,, etc.

Would it surprise you if I tell that data is the most critical ingredient in today’s restaurant business? Food and restaurant tech has grown over the past few years, with customers becoming the no. 1 adapters to apps like Seamless, Doordash,, etc.

In the era of extreme competition, where time is of the essence, restaurants, especially quick service restaurants are increasingly turning to data analytics to reduce costs, increase revenue, and get better ROI.

Now, big chain brands like, Starbucks and McDonald’s are creating their services, launching apps that shoppers can use to pre-order and pay for their shopping list before entering the store. It’s an industry where time is money, where margins are small, but volumes are vast.

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5 Solutions To Improve your ROI with Restaurant Analytics


5-Solutins-To-Improve-your-ROI-with-Restaurant-Analytics.jpgIt’s no surprise that an all-in-one restaurant analytics solutions can streamline operations at your restaurant all around. That’s the point of an all-in-one system; it’s a given.

However, what if I told you that your restaurant analytics could not only save you time but also save you money but also generate revenue.

With a keen eye on your restaurant data analytics, you can make data-driven decisions about the future of your business: which marketing campaigns you invest in, which employees you promote, which menu items to retire, and more.

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How Customer Experience Analytics Can Be A Game Changer For An E-Commerce Website

How customer experience analytics can be a game changer for a e-commerce website.pngA leading provider in application performance management talks about the pitfalls of not providing a holistic customer experience. In a recent report, they confirm more than 2 billion people have atleast one social media account, and 44% will not have second thoughts to social share a poor experience they had with you. This is where customer experience analytics comes to the fore.

As Steve Jobs said, you should start with customer experience, and then move backwards to the technology, not the other way around. For one of the world’s greatest minds, who has built the most valuable company ever, diving into customer experiences back in the day was no mean feat. But they did give what the people wanted: a sublime one.

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10 Quick Tips About Survey Analytics For Ecommerce

10 Quick Tips About Survey Analytics For Ecommerce.png

To optimise your conversion rate, the very first step is to identify the areas of friction and leakage within your conversion funnel, and the best way to know is by hearing it straight from the users. Survey Analytic for E-commerce can help you learn how your users perceive your website and what can be done to make the user experience better. But if survey analytics not optimised, can potentially disrupt user flow, damaging the user experience on your website.

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Top 10 Advantages of Using Data Analytics in the Retail Industry

Retail industry is witnessing a rapid change from the last decade.

Top 10 Advantages of Using Data Analytics in the Retail Industry.png

Ecommerce portals are replacing brick and mortar shops as the preferred place for shopping. However, this does not mean that brick and mortar retail shops are on the verge of extinction. According to Google’s Zero Moment of Truth research, 70% of consumers research online before purchasing in-store. This proves that there are customers who still prefer to buy from brick and mortar shops.

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10 Quick Benefits Of Adopting On-Demand Analytics Services For Enterprises


Aren’t we all under the grip of cable-cutters, or the so-called ‘over-the-top’ content providers like Netflix and Hotstar? The latter, popular in India, secured the rights for a cricket league, watched by millions of fans, and used a clever combination of on-demand, big data analytics to attract and convert new audiences.

Cloud computing is being heralded as the new internet order, almost like Web 2.0. From web servers hosted in-house, which led to longer data-retrieval times, shifting that data onto the web has improved data availability faster than ever, and made the technology ubiquitous today. And when RightScale revealed 85% of enterprises across the world currently have multi-cloud strategies, it shows how enterprises are throttling the use of highly beneficial tools like data analytics to streamline their businesses.

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10 Facts About How Data Analytics Is Becoming A “Moneyball” For Restaurants

10 Facts About How Data Analytics Is Becoming A Moneyball For Restaurants.png

Food is a universal leveler. It is a basic means of sustenance, and those of us who use it to create memories for people find ourselves at an inflection point: incorporate tech that our industry peers are mining gold from, or risk becoming another failed statistic. Use of data analytics, more importantly, restaurant analytics is perhaps just the door you should unlock, to start your journey.

The start begins with leveraging existing information and data, including those shared by your employees. Wrap that along with your legacy PoS or online reservation systems, and feed them into shiny new solutions like analytics for restaurants which you could be demoing.

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