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How Is Industrial IoT Analytics Revolutionizing The Manufacturing Industry


Although there were instances and mentions of ‘things’ or a mesh of devices during the previous era of the industrial revolution, Industry 4.0 has heralded a science fiction-esque future that is building increasingly powerful enterprises, something we had just recently thought was many years away.

The power of Industrial IoT is coming to the fore, as the manufacturing sector becomes its biggest investor. As organizations balance the legacy of their existing infrastructure with new technologies like IoT whose force is combined with cutting-edge predictive analytics, deep learning and robotic process automation, there is a huge wave that is sweeping the manufacturing world.

IoT spend in manufacturing is expected to touch $189 billion in 2018, with focus largely on solutions that can overhaul manufacturing operations, production processes and asset management.

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Why Are Industrial IoT Analytics Advancing Rapidly?


If ‘digital’ is the most overused buzzword going around that everyone boasts trying it out one way or another, the glorified software works on the basis of the foundation – hardware.

Today, the use of traditional monitoring units that have led to some catastrophes we know about is moving over and giving way to Industrial IoT units: small, smart and connected ‘things’ or hardware that are drops forming a big ocean. That is the ocean of unprecedented insights and far-reaching business benefits.

But the latter two cannot be reached without robust analytics software. That’s because the tremendous amount of data coming in from these sensors across a manufacturing plant have to be sifted, analyzed and transformed into actionable predictions. That is where the power of manufacturing IoT comes in.

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How Industrial IoT and Predictive Analytics are Saving Millions in the Manufacturing Industry?

How industrial IoT and predictive analytics are saving millions in the manufacturing industry.jpg

According to IDC data published on 4th January 2017, the manufacturing industry spent around $178 billion in 2016 on Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) – more than twice of what the transportation industry spent, thus making it the clear leader of IoT.

So what makes Industrial IoT so favourable in manufacturing industry?

If we have to put it in two words, we would say ‘smart manufacturing’.

Touted to be the next industrial revolution, industrial IoT connects machines to the internet to gather data and monitor the production process throughout the manufacturing plants.

It helps the manufacturing plants by boosting its productivity and operational efficiency and reducing the complexity of the process in the industry.

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10 Signs You Should Invest In Industrial IoT


If the jamboree on predictive analytics or artificial intelligence seem to be the zeitgeist of software development of this decade, it’s a no-brainer that the Internet of Things is heralding the power of hardware. This power of interlinked systems is taking us into an ever-evolving and adaptable future. And a subset of this IoT is already being embedded into factories and supply chains all over the world, referred to as Industrial IoT.

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