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The Secret Sauce Of Amazon

No two customers are ever alike. And neither is their shopping behavior. Customer behavior is a function of several factors and is influenced by the customer’s culture, social class, family size, salary level, age, gender and several other demographic and economic parameters.

In the age of the Internet when buying and selling have become very convenient, literally at the fingertips of a consumer, gaining a superior understanding of a customer’s shopping behavior has become vital.

Everyone knows that Amazon is globally the most popular and preferred e-commerce website but what’s less known is how Amazon has done it. Let me share their secret with you.

3 Critical Insights For Amazon Success

Amazon tries to predict the next move of every customer who visits its online store. It provides the options to the customer which not only creates a superior customer experience but also leads to a faster sale and adding him/her to the list of loyal customer.

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Identifying Killer Customer Offers with Ecommerce Analytics

If you are selling products, services or content online, in all probability, you are operating in an extremely competitive environment. With a plethora of brands in every niche, every online store vying for customer attention across channels and a fickle customer base always on the lookout for the best promotions, it is essential to catch the customer’s eye at the right time with the most pertinent offer.

Offer design and delivery can be the single largest capability driving conversions for your ecommerce store if executed on the basis of intelligent analysis of store data.

Following are just a few of the ways, ecommerce analytics can help you design and deliver promotions that are just too hard to resist for your customers!

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5 Ways To Improve Ecommerce Store Bottom Line Using Analytics

Creating marketing and sales strategies can be a guessing game. If your tactics result in better sales, you are bound to assume that your strategy is working. If not, you will continue to tweak your plans until you hit the target you are aspiring to.

But why play “try-and-test” tactics when analytics can take the guessing out of this game? Technology has resulted in the creation of various tools and apps that track the vast amount of data that your customers and prospects create. Your business can utilize this data to design specific sales and marketing strategies that improve the bottom line and maximizes ROI.

Here are five ways in which ecommerce analytics can improve the bottom line of a business.

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9 Benefits Of Analytics In Ecommerce Industry

Imagine if you could figure out, well in advance, what your customers are likely to buy and at what price point you should be selling in order to maximize your profits?

Imagine getting advanced insights into what issues are likely to crop much before your customer brings it to the notice of the customer service department. As an online retailer, not only would all this information allow you to be forewarned, it would also help you determine the best product mix, marketing strategies and sales promotions to be deployed.This is where ecommerce analytics comes in.

Think of analytics as a magic wand. It helps your business spot gaps and issues, lets you know what’s working and lets you make better decisions much faster.

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