Churn Analytics for SaaS Industry

Churn Analytics for SaaS Industry 


Total Downgrades/Inconsistent Payments by Active Customers

A starting point to understand customer’s visible frustrations, and their choice to downgrade or discontinue their SaaS plans

Conversion Rate from Downgrades to Inactivation

A further measurement identifying the number of customers choosing to terminate your services. Useful to understand the drop-off rate in your.

Comparison-of -Inactive-vs-Active-Customers-Month-on-Month

Comparison of Inactive vs Active Customers Month-on-Month

This tool gives you a periodic video of the number of inactive and active users every month and shows churn in your SaaS business.

Comparison Rate of Inactive Customers per plan

This metric divides your inactive customers opting out of your plans. Gives you valuable insights to analyze high-drop off plans, and remedy.


Comparison Rate of Inactive Customers per customer group

Segmenting your customers allows you to identify reasons behind groups terminating your services, helping you modify the plan or elements around it.