Define and Know Your Exact Target Restaurant Customer


In the introduction of this series, we discussed all the 5 steps in brief. It’s now time to actually start digging deep into each of these steps.

As a restaurant owner, you should do homework and attract the right customers and see if you are targeting the right demographics. Customers are one of the most important elements to take into consideration to run a successful restaurant. The success of a restaurant is determined by the revenue it brings, revenue depends on the business and restaurant business depends on the number of customers you have.

The restaurant industry has multiple demographics (Couples, families, or both, families with kids, Singles, and other demographics) when compared to other business models, and is one of the biggest challenges that restaurant owners face.

You have to make sure that you know your target audience so that you can make an impact on your customers. Without the knowledge and deep understanding of your customers, it’s difficult to appeal and attract more customers like the ones who frequently visit your restaurant. You need to know your target customer if you want to run a successful restaurant.

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Even before understanding restaurant targeted marketing, you should ask questions to yourself first:

Defining targeted marketing is and its importance for your restaurant business

Understanding your best customers and appealing them is targeted marketing. You can make choices and decisions about your brand identity. You will be lost in the herd if you target everyone. Instead, defining your target customer gives you focus, purpose, and certainty.

Defining your target customer with the help of demographics

Demographics is one of the keys to defining your target customer. This gives target customer or model customer and with the help of predictive analytics, we can predict about the ideal customer that will help us to do better services for the customers.

Your target customer or model customer is based on your existing customers whose demographics match with your style of restaurant.

Below are some of the lifestyle questions about your target or model customer:

What is their age or dominant age group?

What is their gender?

How much money do they make?

Average income of surrounding residents?

Are they Single or married?

Do they have kids? If yes, do they use highchairs?

Do they dine in groups?

Are they value shoppers or do they enjoy luxury?

Do they identify with a specific ethnicity or culture?

Where do they live? Where did they come from? (Home, Shopping, Work, or other)

How much time did it take them to get here?

What are the most popular means of transport?

Is the area mainly residential or business oriented?

Is it remote area or densely populated area?

What are the lifestyles?

What are the major professions?

Is there a lunch/dinner rush from nearby offices?

What is your customer lifetime value?

Why do they come to my restaurant?

What do they especially like about my restaurant?

Is there anything that they dislike about my restaurant?

To which other restaurants do my customers go?

How often do they go to my competitor’s restaurant?

How often do they come to my restaurant?

By answering the above questions, you will have an in-depth analysis and greater details of the profile of your target customer.

Improving your restaurant business with information about your target market

You can plan your restaurant marketing strategy to build your business goals: Promotions you can run and Social Media Marketing Strategies that needs to be implemented will depend on target customer.

Understanding your demographics is key to improving your business in terms of retaining your existing customers and attracting more customer.

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Your brand message depends on your understanding of restaurant target customer, and your advertisements and promotions depend on your brand message. Business decisions become easier by knowing your target restaurant customer.

Understanding your customers through customer profiling provides the most solid foundation for:

Market planning

Site Selection

Marketing operations

Franchise territory development

Restaurant customer demographics that every owner should dig deep down

Customers are top-of-mind if you are a restaurant owner.

Understanding restaurant’s target market leads you to learn about your restaurant’s customers and caring about what they are, caring about their ideas and thoughts, caring about their feelings and lifestyle. So, start attracting your target customer by putting efforts on providing the best customer experience for those who match your customer profile.

How can customer analytics help restaurant industry?

ComTec gives you the insights in your restaurant to make more informed, data-driven decisions with customer analytics to grow your restaurant business.

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