Enrolment Metrics for Healthcare Insurance Analytics

Enrolment Metrics For Healthcare Insurance Analytics


Member count by different Plans

Member count by different Plans & Monthly variation in Member count

Start your analysis with the basics: Know which plans are bestsellers, and which are duds, to start feeding that into your future decision making.

Break down the fluctuation of member sign-ups or drop-offs across months of the year. Tie that it with news or social feeds to get a scoop behind the rise or fall of member count.

Transferred Members and Released from hold

Enrolment Analytics also gives you the share of members who have transferred between plans, either by upgrading or downgrading or parallel-switching.

Take a peek into the share of users whose membership was kept on hold, for certain reasons, but who have been released and are members again.

Transferred members and Released from hold
Dis-enrolled Member count

Dis-enrolled Member count

Analyse how many members terminated their health plan in the most recent month. Then, try to match that with the other analytic types and deduce failure reasons.