Financials per Customer for SaaS Analytics

Financials per Customer for SaaS Industry

Average revenue per Customer


Across all types of subscription plans, this metric gives you the average revenue generated, per customer. It gives you a sense of how you are doing monetarily.

Customer Lifetime Value

Lifetime value is an essential term to understand the entire relationship your customer had with you. This metric captures this in monetary terms and gives you ammunition to match shifting market trends to the onboarding or termination of your customers.

Customer Lifetime value
Total Costs per Customer acquisition


Since it takes quite an effort to capture and convert a customer in the highly cluttered market we live in, get to know the customer acquisition cost invested by you.

LTV to CAC Ratio

Across the metrics provided in this category, this is right up at the top. Get to know the returns by your customers over their entire lifecycle, and compare it with your acquisition spends. Now know where you are winning in ROI spend, versus bleeding money in the acquisition.

month break even

Months to Breakeven

The time component is very important in your business. Get insights into the number of months it took for your customer to reach breakeven i.e cover the acquisition cost invested.