Improve Customer Lifetime Value

Why Improve Customer Lifetime Value?

Customer Lifetime Value is a key business metric that helps businesses enhance retention and boost revenue. Focusing on customer life time value makes it easy for the business to align marketing program and financial goals.

The increase in customer lifetime value is an effective tactic that leads to generating steady, expectable increase in revenue. It brings in a long-term perspective to building customer relationship and customer acquisition.

64% of business owners feel that retaining profitable and loyal customers is one of their biggest challenges

44% of business owners feel that increasing sales from existing customers is their biggest challenge

45% of business owners feel that measuring effectiveness of loyalty programs is one of their biggest challenges

How does the solution work?

ComTec's solution provides timely and fact-based insights on profitable and loyal customers by decoding the purchase behavior. These insights help your business create a focused approach to customer retention, performing targeted promotions and ultimately converting loyal customers into brand advocates.

Just share your orders (POS) and promotions data, we mine your data and run our modeling algorithms to provide you the time and fact-based insights on customer purchase behavior. Some of the key insights this solution provides

  • Why do the customers choose to buy?
  • How often do they buy the product in question?
  • Who are they buying for?
  • What are they buying?
  • Where do they prefer to buy from?
  • Where do they look to for their information?

How ComTec’s can help...

How UnlockInsight’s can help...

Why ComTec Team?

  • We assist you with the detailed and deployable solutions that lead to increased new revenue opportunities.
  • We provide business insights which will help you take decisions with exemplary precision.
  • Our Insights help you design strategies to beat the competition and achieve specific business goals.