Improve Order Value

Why Improve Order Value?

Order value plays a vital role in the success of any business. It helps to understand and analyze underlying key factors such as customer’s purchase behavior, marketing and your business strategies.

Improving Average Order Value helps to cut the marketing spends and is a quick way to increase the cash flow by identifying the most valuable loyal customers.

40% stated their lack of ability to understand their customer buying triggers.

20% of the businesses stated identifying most valuable customers was one of their biggest challenges.

34% stated deriving meaningful insights from customer data is their biggest challenge.

How Does the Solution Work?

ComTec solutions assist marketers to provide right recommendations to focus on the most profitable customer segments. Our solutions offer clear understanding to the store managers on the items that sell the most and then upsell or cross sell them.

The data can be used to segment marketing campaigns depending on the customer’s past purchase behavior to determine the optimal merchandising and display of various products. You get a clear understanding of how to entice your consumers to shop more and increasing the possibility of improving average order value. Some of the key insights this solution provides:

  • What is the ongoing marketing trend?
  • How can you increase the average order value?
  • How will you identify, target & engage right customers at each point?
  • How to analyze the customer buying journey?
  • How to recognize and categorize the best mix of products?
  • How to convert your current visitors into your loyal customers?
  • Kind of in-store promotions that can be done based on the time of the day?

How ComTec's can help...

How UnlockInsight’s can help...

Why ComTec Team?

  • We assist you with the detailed and deployable solutions that lead to increased new revenue opportunities.
  • We provide business insights which will help you take decisions with exemplary precision.
  • Our Insights help you design strategies to beat the competition and achieve specific business goals.