Managed Analytics Services

Business Engagement

To start with, we engage with your business stakeholders to understand relevant business processes, key metrics and expected outcomes. We help you identify the data that will help you take quicker and smarter decisions based on your business requirements.

Proof of Concept

Business Engagement is followed by delivering pilot projects to build confidence among the stakeholders. This also enables us to freeze the IT architecture and iron out minor design issues, if any. A Proof of Concept (POC) determines the solution to be implemented.

Solution Implementation

We manage end to end implementation of custom analytics solutions – right from collating and integrating internal and external data feeds to designing analytical models and then presenting insights through easy to use dashboards and reports.

Support & Manage

We also provide on-going maintenance and technical support for our clients and assist in measuring post implementation ROI.

Next Steps...

We partner with our clients to deliver enterprise analytics in a quick and efficient manner for maximum impact with a short time to value and reduced costs.

Don’t look at it as just another outsourcing contract. We bring to the table vertical specific knowledge and harness the actionable insights gained from our countless past analytics engagements. So with us, you can dive in without drowning!