Manufacturing Analytics

Manufacturing Analytics

The ComTec provide analytics services that are straightforward to adapt and apply to the manufacturing industry. Whether it's KPI charts for your manufacturing floor, root-cause analysis, or predictive maintenance, users at all levels can use our insights to identify incompetence, spot possibilities for development, and avoid predicaments.

Manufacturing Analytics

Financial Analytics

Analytics understands that the manufacturing processes are unique, one that turns raw inputs into revenue. This complicated process needs a 360° perspective of the business environment and a zoom lens on the marketplace. Having access to the right kind of information at the right time is crucial to success.


Production Analytics

Production analytics uses advanced data-driven root-cause analysis for Product Quality Improvement that gives you optimal output by improving your performance rate, create a baseline, and diagnose and correct process flaws.


Production Metrics
Supplier Metrics

Supplier Analytics

ComTec can streamline your supply chain performance with its supplier analytics from Expected Quantity, Raw Material on Hand to Ranking of Suppliers and provide end-to-end visibility.


Inventory Analytics

ComTec inventory analytics work to provide fully managed, automated and highly optimized inventory management application system that is custom built to your specific business and inventory requirements. Our analytics is targeted to make inventory available at the right time, in the correct location, in the right quantity while ensuring maximum demand fulfillment.


Inventory Metrics
Logistics Metrics

Logistics Analytics

Logistic Analytics is the ultimate analytics for measuring cost performance, which is easy to create, completely transparent, and will give you great insights into your conveyance spending.


Health and Safety Analytics

Health & Safety analytics work to provide total recordable injuries frequency, closed and open incidents, an average time to resolve conflicts. You can easily track the frequency rate time lost for each injury and categorize each incident based on its type - first aid, Injury, Incident.


Health and Safety Metrics
Customer Analytics(B2B)

Customer Analytics (B2B)

Customer analytics enable manufacturers to improve production accuracy, quality, and yield. Also, it is helping improve operational efficiency with condition-based monitoring, preventive maintenance, and reduced downtimes.


Manufacturing Solution

Industrial Analytics

Industrial Analytics

Industrial Analytics involves traditional methods of data capture and statistical modeling. However, most of its future value will be enabled by advancements in connectivity (IoT) and improved methods for analyzing and interpreting data (machine learning/big data) to optimize processes in real-time, improve efficiency, lower operating costs and enhance customer satisfaction.

Preventive Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is the maintenance performed on manufacturing equipment with the idea of reducing the likelihood of its failure. Preventive maintenance techniques are designed to help determine the condition of in-service equipment in order to predict when the maintenance of the equipment should be performed.

Anomaly detection

Anomaly detection

Anomaly detection systems help manufacturers discover product defects early in the production pipeline. Early anomaly detection gives machine operators, warning of issues in the manufacturing process downstream, allowing such issues to be resolved quickly, without having to shut down the entire production line.

Defect Density

Defect Density Improvement

In the process and discrete manufacturing industries, it is critical to keep defects below a certain threshold to maintain optimum levels of efficiency. A new set of possibilities is enabled from granular data collected from digital factories. It is the ability to dig deeper into the next level of data, to understand specifics of process states which increase defect density.


R&D: Data-Driven Product Optimization

IOT analytics can reduce product costs. A manufacturer of specific lighting system needs to guarantee a certain duration of product lifetime to his customers. With Industrial IOT Analytics, this manufacturer can now analyze the product usage in detail and can then reduce specifications for those components that do not have a significant impact on the overall product lifetime.

We performed multivariate analysis for analyzing large, complex data sets quickly, easily and accurately. World-leading organizations rely on our solutions to get deeper insights and make better predictions from their data.

Today, as more and more businesses look to get competitive advantages from their data, multivariate analysis technology is one such method being used.

Our service includes

  • multivariate analysis and design of experiments study
  • Powerful and flexible process monitoring solutions
  • Enterprise solutions and custom development
  • Consulting and data analysis services