Operational KPIs – Equipment Efficiency for Food and Beverage

Operational KPIs – Equipment Efficiency for Food and Beverage Manufacturer

Operational KPIs – Equipment Efficiency

Total Capacity per Equipment

Shows Manufacturer capacity – the Quantity of items Manufacturer is able to produce based on technology and human capital, without taking into consideration sales forecasts or other parallel schedules.

Optimal output per Equipment

Shows the forecasted quantity of items to be manufactured over a specified period, taking into consideration capacity, sales forecasts and parallel schedules.

Performance Rate

Actual production quantity over a specified period comparing to optimal output for the same period.

Manufacturing Cycle Time

Shows, per a production line how much time it is optimal to produce a specified amount of items.


Due to some technical or other reasons manufacture process can stop over a period of time.

Availability, %

The actual run time – after excluding downtime vs optimal run time.

Quality Loss 

Shows Quantity of items that cannot be sold due to poor Quality of the final items.


The ratio of good Quality products comparing to total output.