Optimizing Marketing Promotions

Why Optimizing Promotions?

Marketing optimization helps identify, analyze and refine the marketing process to maximize the business outcomes. It provides you with the data that assists in making marketing process assessment and streamline your business goals.

Optimization helps businesses understand the interactions between marketing and return before assigning resources to it. Identify the right products to promote by analyzing promotional effectiveness before spending.

Finding the most effective and profitable ‘customer-offer-channel’ mix is one of their biggest challenges

Inability to respond to customer interactions with speed is one of their challenges

Identification and targeting potential new customers to achieve the business objective is their challenges

How Does the Solution Work?

ComTec’s predictive marketing analytics offerings can help you achieve marketing optimization for prospecting cross-selling, up-sell, customer retention, and reactivation. Optimization produces the greatest benefit when using predictive analytics. 

These solutions can be applied across the customer lifecycle enabling marketers to maximize the effectiveness and returns. Some of the key insights this solution provides:

  • How to improve the effectiveness of acquisition direct marketing budget?
  • How do you balance competing for product line priorities?
  • How does one offer impact profitability of another offer?
  • What is the acceptance of offers among prospects?
  • How do different offers relate to each other?
  • How to tailor and target the message to enhance the marketing approach?

How ComTec’s can help...

How UnlockInsight’s can help...

Why ComTec Team?

  • We assist you with the detailed and deployable solutions that lead to increased new revenue opportunities.
  • We provide business insights which will help you take decisions with exemplary precision.
  • Our Insights help you design strategies to beat the competition and achieve specific business goals.