Product Analytics for General Merchandise

Products Analytics for Consumer Packed Goods


Products Analytics for general merchandise

Revenue by SKU

Shows ‘Gross Revenue’ by each SKU – helps understand which Products are Revenue drivers.

Cost Product Sold by SKU

Shows cost by each SKU sold – helps understand the costs distribution.

Margin by SKU

Business’ earnings after deducting the spending to suppliers by each SKU  - helps understand which products are Margin Value drivers.

Margin Ratio by SKU

Shows the ratio of earnings compared to the costs by each SKU.

Number of Orders by SKU

Shows the total number of orders during a specified period and the dynamic compared to previous periods. Generally aggregated by month, as well can be shown by week, quarter, year.

Number of Customers by SKU

Shows number of unique customers per SKU.

Quantity Sold by SKU

Shows in units, how much decreased the inventory of specific unit.

Average Price per Unit

Shows average price point on the market – can be used for tracking prices with Competitors product to product.

Number of SKU/Order

Show how much, on average customers buy particular Product in one Order.