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E-commerce opens up a whole new spectrum of opportunities as well as challenges when compared to conventional in-store retailing. Selling online can be tricky without a comprehensive real-time view of your customer’s online behavior as well as your inventory flow. ComTec work with clients to develop customized analytics solutions that cover each and every aspect of e-commerce like engagement analytics, sales funnel analytics, financial analytics, inventory analytics, product analytics and much more.

Engagement Analytics

Engagement Analytics is the critical start point to for any ecommerce store. Engagement analytics reflects a level of usability and availability of ecommerce website.If the business has issues at these stages, the complete ecommerce business is compromised and no great product or fast delivery or superior inventory management can save the business.


Engagement Metrics
Sales funnel Metrics

Sales Funnel Analytics

Ecommerce stores are working in a highly competitive environment. The customers often have access to worldwide supply and it becomes very important to track the customer journey and know how the potential customers reach to the shopping cart. It is also commonly known as tracking the sales funnel and the conversion rate.

Analyzing the figures at each stage of sales funnel identifies the possible issues in the customer interaction blueprint – for example, it might be user interface at the input levels of the funnel or complicated checkout and payment processes at the output of sales funnel.


Traffic Source Analytics

The main reason of ecommerce being such an interesting model is availability for customers without the need of physical presence. The potential customers can visit the website from different sources and it is very important to keep track of performance metrics from each source in order to optimize the investments and return


Traffic Sources Metrics
Revenue KPI-s

Financial Analytics

Financial analytics is the generation of ad hoc insights to answer specific business questions and forecast possible future financial scenarios.Financial Analytics show business’ overall results in terms of revenue, the number of orders and profitability. 


Customer Analytics

In ecommerce business, the success is strongly associated with the understanding of customer needs and behavior. You don't meet the customers in person so analytics become very critical. That is done by analyzing previous Customers characteristics and trying to drag insights from the data in attracting new customers.


Customer Analytics
Product and Inventory Analytics

Product & Inventory Analytics

Product Analytics provides valuable insight into how customers are interacting with your products. With detailed metrics and segmentation capabilities, it can transform the way you measure product performance and make decisions across every aspect of your business

Ecommerce stores find inventory optimization to be their most complex problem. Either being over-stocked or being out-of-stock has a lot of costs associated with it. Inventory Analytics can also be used for creating optimal inventory replenishment plans. Increase profits and ensure optimal stock availability for every store

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Our Solutions

We provide solutions for complex business problems

Improve Customer Lifetime Value

Our solution provides timely insights into the entire loyalty program process – including the effectiveness of loyalty promotions and partner relationships.

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Optimizing Marketing Promotions

Our optimization solution is applied across the customer lifecycle enabling marketers to maximize the returns from customer marketing programs.

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Optimizing Supply Chain

Our supply chain analytics solution provides real-time predictive and perspective insights on market trends and customer behaviour from unstructured datasets.

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Improve Order Value

Our real-time association rules recommendation engine provide product recommendations based on the insights from the existing data sets and external factors.

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Acquire New Customers

We help businesses drive future customer acquisition plans with our data-driven insights by evaluating the historical performance of all channels.

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Loyalty Analytics

Get the power of our custom loyalty solutions that tap into historic and existing data, to spike customer loyalty.

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