Sales Analytics For Ecommerce

Sales Analytics For Ecommerce Industry


Sales Funnel

Sales funnel is the path that a visit to your site that ultimately results in a conversion. Because the amount of traffic (visitors) your website gets will likely be larger, with prospects dropping off at various points in that journey, those that do convert will be a smaller percentage of the original group. Healthy sales funnel is key to every business. 

sales funnel
conversion rate %

Conversion Rate,%

The conversion rate is a measure to know what percentage of visitors got converted into customers. Every ecommerce business should look into this insight and try to improve the conversion rate. 

Abandonment Rate,%

Shows ratio of unfinished intent to purchase compared to total intends to purchase. The 1st priority segment in trying to close the deal with a targeted campaign.

abandonment rate %
average customer lifetime value

Average Customer Lifetime Value

All-time earnings from specific Customer. Over time, there is an increasing pattern in CLV – as customers are coming back, buy more, their new purchases margins are added to their previous CLV.

Average Cost per Customer Acquisition

Shows the average cost of acquiring a new customer. In calculation to be included actual cost per click from Ad-words, Social media, AD displays and other paid acquisition channels.

average cost acquisition
lifetime customer value- customer acquisition ratio

Lifetime Customer Value/Customer Acquisition Cost Ratio

Shows if the return from Customer acquisition is worth the investments in Customer acquisition.

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