Traffic Sources Analytics For Ecommerce

Traffic Sources Analytics For Ecommerce Industry


Traffic Sources

The metric shows from which source came the most visits – traffic to the website, as a % of total visits.

  • Direct – user typed in the web-site URL in the browser
  • Referrals – traffic from links from other sites – non-paid
  • Search – search engines source, Organic and Paid (like AdWords)
  • Social – traffic from social network sites
  • Mail – traffic from URL in email campaigns
  • Ad Display – traffic from ad banners on different sites
social traffic
referral traffic

Referral Sites

Shows the % distribution of top referral sites – non-paid and the trending pattern of the traffic from that source comparing to a previous period.


Shows paid/unpaid traffic and the keywords used by users for search.



Shows which social networks are sending traffic to the web-site and the trending pattern.


Shows which promotions sent the traffic to the website.

ad display

Ad Display

Shows which advertising networks sent the traffic to the website.

Channels Sales Funnel

Shows how each traffic source performs in sales funnel.

channel sales funnel
conversion rate %

Conversion Rate by Traffic Source, %

The ratio of users with completed purchases from the incoming traffic. 


Shows if the return from customer acquisition from a specific source is worth the investments in that specific traffic channel.

ltv-cac ratio

Sales Ecommerce Dasbhoard CTA