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With digital interactions and transactions becoming the norm, more and more restaurateurs are testing the waters of big data analytics for driving innovation. We partner with our clients to deliver end to end Restaurant Analytics solutions enabling them to expand customer intelligence and improve operational efficiencies.

QSR Business KPI

Business KPI of CEO Dashboard

Business KPIs show the overall operational effectiveness of your restaurant at a high level. These KPIs help to spot the issues in a particular area of operational activity.

For example, decreasing pattern in repeat customers gives the insights that after acquiring, customers are not coming back to your restaurant or decreasing pattern of margin ratio shows that your restaurant's cost for food and paper are increasing at a higher pace than the sale price. You can find hundreds of such insights with Big Data and Analytics.

Once the problem areas are identified, drill down further to the specific and detailed insights based on locations, menu items, customer segments etc.


Customer Analytics

Restaurants are hyper customer-centric businesses and as a Restaurant owner, its must, that your team can map customers with each order.

Analytics leverages the vast pool of customer data including demographics, food choices, visiting patterns, payment modes and more to enable you to tailor your services and marketing initiatives to highly profitable customer segments.


Customer Analytics
menu analytics

Menu Analytics

Menu Analytics shows the success of each menu position in terms of customer preferences as well as in terms of profitability for the business. Menu level analytics helps you in setting an optimum menu for each location.

Together with analytics by menu positions goes inventory analytics. It is key for successful operations. On one side it costs money to buy and stock inventory, on the other side it can be fatal to loose customers aka sales because of ‘Out of Stock’ issues. 'Out of Stock' can create a big dent to your restaurant's reputation and sales.


Location Analytics

Restaurant's growth largely depends on multi-location strategy. As a business owner, you need to keep track of main KPIs by each location.

Location Analytics not only gives you a clear view on particular location's effectiveness but also on its ratio in overall profitability.

With ComTec's restaurant analytic solutions, your restaurant chains are grouped in clusters based on different criteria like geo proximity, revenue or margin value. Each location, in turn, is measured in details with menu analytics, inventory metrics, and staff analytics.


Location Analytics-Unlock Insights
Staff and Survey Analytics

Staff & Survey Analytics

Speed & consistent service is of paramount importance in a restaurant for creating a memorable customer experience and that is precisely what staff analytics helps you improve.

Survey Analytics is about getting insights on the responses gathered through some surveys and research. In General, these metrics are related to marketing and customer satisfaction.

Usually, these metrics depend on the quality of surveys, some assumptions, and other possible biases. These measures should be interpreted carefully.

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