Staff Analytics For Restaurant Industry

Staff Analytics For Restaurant Industry


Speed of Service

Actual time, in minutes, between the moment customer entered into the restaurant (or placed the order) and received the food. This gives you an insight on improving the efficiency or adding up more staff to the restaurants.

Speed of Service by channel
Speed of Service by channel2 (1)

Speed of Service By Channel

The speed of service by the channels is getting into more details to know which channels are providing faster service compared to the other channels. This insight helps the restaurant management focus on right investments to be made on the right channels.

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Staff  Turnover Rate

Shows the ratio between the number of employees left to the total number of employees. It is always important to have lesser attrition levels in the organisation as there is a lot of cost and effort in getting the new employee understand and match up the speed of the current employees. 

Sales Staff Turnover rate
Absence rate

Absence Rate

Tracks the number of absence days by the employees. This metric when combined with the restaurant's busy times and days of the week give you the insights on which days the employees should be given leaves. It can lead to defining a right leave policy of the restaurant.