RPA-Banking & Financial Services

Banking & Financial Services

The operations of the banking industry are dependent on documents that are processed by its back-office operations using legacy systems. The lifecycle of a banking customer – from the initial application to open a bank account, to deposits, withdrawals, loan documents, tax documents etc – generates a plethora of records, which in turn, results in a documents trail. Banking documentation specialists have often struggled to connect the multiple legacy systems in order to manage and retrieve the information to do their jobs effectively. RPA in the banking industry can integrate with and bridge these legacy systems dramatically streamlining multiple back-office processes increasing productivity and efficiency.

Areas of application of RPA within the banking industry include, but may not be limited to the following:

Accounts receivable, Accounts payable & General Ledger

Your industry peers might be reaping dividends by automating their key accounts processes. It’s time to take a leaf out of their book, and get these automated.

Cards Activation

You have been dreaming of the day you can get those cards easily activated, and put less stress on both your customer and you. That day has come. Our RPA tool, to the rescue!

Fraud Claims Discovery

Because automation tools are intelligent, they can identify suspicious transaction patterns, and flag fraudulent claims. Yes, read that again, our RPA tool can help

Invoice Processing, Requisition to Purchase Order

Declutter your banking operations with our invoice processing and purchase order automation tools. Now leave those worries behind.

Payroll, Hiring, Candidate Management

Hiring and retaining talented banking professionals across various departments can be a tough job. Now ace it with our established payroll, hiring and candidate management tools.

Customer Support

A critical function of your business, merge the different tools your experts are using, into a single automation tool that provides intelligent results that can aid your customer expert’s interactions.