RPA in Hi-Tech & Telecom Industry

Telecom meets RPA

Telecom industry functions on different processes that are repetitive but at the same time crucial for service delivery. With competition growing in the telecom industry, telecom companies cannot afford to leave its customers with bad customer experience. 

Hence, to ensure good customer experience, telecom companies are integrating Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in all or few of their processes where the volume of data is heavy.

Benefits of RPA in Hi-tech Telecom Industry

  • Helps in managing large volume of repetitive and rules-based operational processes
  • Easily scalable, i.e. it can be sized up or down depending upon the demands
  • Helps in reducing costs as a single software license manages multiple processes ranging from back-office operations to front-office services
  • Helps the telecom companies to achieve operational excellence by streamlining the processes

 Uses of RPA in Hi-tech Telecom Industry

Service Order Management

One of the crucial processes in a telecom company is the service order management. A complex process, it involves coordinating with disparate systems, and departments to complete a service order. Considering that there are so many hands involved in the process, it becomes difficult for the telecom company to validate and complete an order request on time. With the inclusion of RPA in the process, completing a service order request has become simple and faster. The software collates information from different sources, validates it, and completes the service order at a less turnaround time. This sets in a positive notion about the company’s service in the minds of the customers.

Quality Reporting

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) had built TL 9000 as an extension to ISO 9001 to meet the supply chain and operational quality requirements of the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). Every telecom company has to meet the set of quality expectations laid down by TL 9000 to drive business excellence. To help the telecom companies in this endeavor, RPA ensures that all the criteria are met and notifies the concerned department in case of a deviation. It reduces the time spent in generating the quality report as RPA automatically prepares an error-free quality report, freeing the staff to look into other tasks involving human intelligence and skills.

Know Your Customer

To reduce fraudulent acts, telecom companies have been following a process called Know Your Customers (KYC) where the customers have to fill in their basic details before getting a telecom connection. The process of collecting information, validating it and processing the request takes so much time that it leaves the customer with a bad experience, who may in some cases switch to another telecom service that provides faster service. RPA helps in matching the customer’s identity with the previously known researched data and validating it if the details match the regulatory requirements. The process not only helps in improving the customer experience by reducing the waiting period, but it also helps in improving the accuracy of the data, which is often neglected while validating the customer details

Client onboarding

When a new customer is acquired, RPA helps in filling their information from previously available or gathered data. It validates the customer’s identity by matching it with previously researched data and processes it further in case the details meet the regulatory requirements. In case of any discrepancies, the software notifies the concerned department about it. This systematic approach helps the telecom companies to onboard the customers quickly, which enhances the customer experience and helps in reducing human errors in process.