The top challenge for the manufacturing industry is to sustain forward growth momentum while combating with a sluggish market. To do this, manufacturing enterprises are increasingly focused on increasing competitiveness by implementing measures to reduce operational costs such as manufacturing costs, improving product quality and operations agility, and reducing supply chain costs and product innovation.

Areas of RPA application within the manufacturing industry could potentially be in:

Account Receivable, Account Payable & General Ledger

Robust analytics are in place to optimize your routine processes like AR, AP and GL through automation. Now generate fast and accurate reports with our ready-to-use metric.

Invoice Processing, Requisition to a Purchase order

With your accounts now being plugged into your RPA system, invoicing processing and requisitions needn’t be left behind. Such documentation can now be automated as well.

Bills of Material (BOM) Generation

Manufacturing depends on the amount of material coming in, and Bills of Material is a task that can be streamlined as well. Feed your incoming materials and costing from your sourcing team to the finance team, and let automation do its job.

Customer Service

Incorporate elements like chatbots into your customer service processes to free up work hours of your service experts, allowing them to focus on larger, more complicated customer issues

Payroll, Hiring, Candidates Management

Large industrial firms like yours can benefit from the HR automation metrics we offer, so your teams can focus on augmenting the automation with human insights into better employee engagement.