Top 5 Crucial Insights Derived from Customer Center Dashboard

Consumer or customer is always pivotal to the growth of any business.  Every popular brand takes care of its customers.  There are two traditional perspectives. Firstly, it is important to increase the customer base. Secondly, it is essential to retain them.  Here in lies the significance of a good brand.  A good brand emphasizes on constant customer support. No doubt, this isn’t any easy task as a business organization should be aware of the changing needs of the customer base.  Side by side, the customer base is diversified in nature. Every customer or consumer is unique in taste, choice and other parameters. When it’s the case of e-commerce portals, the whole idea of customer support becomes more interesting. ComTec Solution plays a vital role in providing crucial data insights in their customized eCommerce analytics dashboard which we are going to discuss below:

1. Deeper Understanding of Cost Vs Impact of Various Support Channels

In the case of e-commerce portals, it is important to understand how much to invest in the supporting channels.  It is not only about the cost but the ROI which plays a stellar role in the long run.  Be it via phone or web chat or email; the maintenance cost needs to be taken care.  ComTec Solution gives some rich & deeper insights and helps in gauging the media channels.  No doubt, cost-effective way is pivotal in maintaining customer support.

2. Understanding the Trends of Support Channels

There is no denying the fact that e-commerce portals call for a digitized approach to customer support.  At present, WhatsApp, Skype, Face time and other internet based modes of communication have become popular.  The advent of smart phone domain has led to an entirely different approach to customer support and ComTec Solution provides updated insights in Customer center e-commerce analytics dashboard. This not only helps in choosing the changing marketing trend but also in selecting the right media.  One shouldn’t forget that choosing any medium is not generalized and depends on the brand and the targeted customer base.

3. Opting for Cross Selling or Up Selling

The concept of up selling and cross selling is not new in traditional channels, but in e-commerce these play a significant role in increasing leads, revenue, AOV per customer as well as considerable increase in customer base. In the case of cross selling, both add-on sales and bundle sales are beneficial. ComTec Solution in this regard, gives a detailed analysis on Consumer center e-commerce analytics dashboard and supports in increasing revenue.  This helps the brand in having a better understanding whether cross selling or up selling are helping their business.

4. Optimizing ROI for e-commerce Portal

For any e-commerce portal, it is significantly important to optimize ROI over a given period.  No doubt, it is dependent on customer or engagement.  The dynamic Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are integral to customer centered selling approach. The advantage with ComTec Solution is the customer center dashboard which provides vivid details regarding the performance of the Key Performance Indicators. In other words, it can be said that the customer center dashboard helps in optimizing ROI. For any e-commerce portal, this whole integrated approach ultimately boosts up the revenue and helps in re-strategizing for future initiatives.

5. Decision Making Regarding Loyalty Programs

There is no denying the importance of loyalty programs in case of e-commerce portals. Often it happens, despite offering lucrative offers; the brand doesn’t get expected exposure or coverage regarding the launch. In such a scenario, the insights obtained from customer center e-commerce dashboard of ComTec Solution, gives a better picture of consumer buying behavior and helps in designing loyalty programs.

Nevertheless, customer center e-commerce dashboard is part and parcel of strategic planning and decision making for any business initiative of any brand. ComTec solution provides vital inputs on customer acceptance and buying behavior.

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