Top 5 Crucial Insights Derived from a Marketing Dashboard

The whole idea of marketing synchronizes the idea of business. Theoretically, the term ‘marketing’ is very close to the word distribution. In reality, marketing calls for effective distribution bringing best benefits to the product or brand. Whether any marketing campaign or strategy is bringing benefit to a brand or not, is a tough question. For any marketing campaign, marketing dashboard is indispensable. The best answer to Marketing dashboard for e-commerce is ComTec Solutions. It gives vital insights and quantitative analytics which we are going to discuss in the following.

1. Tracking Channels like Website, Email, Social media

There is always a dilemma how much to spend on advertising campaigns. Be it digital or traditional campaign, both are costly. Take the case of advertising campaigns in digital channels like a website, email and social media. Every day thousands of people are visiting the sites. Do you know how many of them belong to your customer base? The answer is easy when you check marketing dashboard of ComTec Solution. Additionally, you will get segregated impact of each of the digital channels. This will be economical for future investment and help to consolidate consumer base.

2. Customer Behavior in Digital Channels

Marketing is an area which is directly linked to customer buying behavior. Unfortunately, this is one variable which is tough to predict or quantify. But ComTec Solution has come up with a smart marketing dashboard which caters to this need.  Now on, you can keep a close tab on changing customer behavior and the ongoing trends.

3. Understanding Customer Lifetime Value

Business or marketing is all about building relationships with consumers. It takes time and only after a period, a customer becomes committed to a brand. Thus, understanding customer lifetime is significant and only ComTec Solution gives a transparent approach in reflecting the reality. After all, customer lifetime value is a better indicator to gauge business growth.

4. Customer Acquisition and its Cost

For any business to grow, it is mandatory to have new customers or consumers time to time. In a closely competitive market, this is not an easy task either. There are so many ways to increase customer base, but budget becomes a serious constraint for every brand. No brand wants to waste or disinvest. ComTec solution provides a scientific outlook in understanding how much to spend and how much to get. In other words, ComTec Solution provides a win-win situation for any brand.

5. Effective ROI

Any running business ultimately calls for better ROI. For big companies, the period is certainly more. But understanding or quantifying ROI is another challenging task. Interestingly, ROI results help to re-think any existing business strategy or campaign. Added to that, the issue of sustainability is also taken care of with effective ROI. ComTec Solution truly unlocks the ROI dilemma and gives a routine map for the next phase of any marketing campaign.

In all these years, traditional indicators of marketing results have been proved to be time bound, and applicability has been limited with several constraints. ComTec Solution has taken an entirely distinctive approach with its marketing dashboard.  The analytics and insights obtained from marketing dashboard are indeed pivotal to the success of any marketing campaign for digital brands or brands in online sales.

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