Top 5 Crucial Insights Derived from a Sales Dashboard

For any e-commerce portal, sales sector is one of the strongest factors to evaluate or decide on policies and strategies. E-commerce is different from traditional business transactions. E-Commerce parameters are segregated on the basis of digital audience based on the consumer behavior. A sales dashboard is not an eye-opener, rather a vivid approach to understanding those parameters. E-commerce Analytics helps bridge the gaps and issues and help make faster business decisions.  In the following, we will discuss interesting insights available  on sales dashboard for e-commerce, provided by none other than ComTec Solution.

1.  Where Do the Buyers Come from?

The segregation of consumer audience is remarkably consistent to any marketing domain. Any customer base has got different layers. Those layers can be differentiated in terms of taste, choice or even buying capacity. While tapping a price on any product, these parameters need to be kept in mind. It is quite difficult to analyze a detailed data obtained from website traffic or app traffic. The reason being it doesn’t give segregated search results. In this regard, ComTecsolution provides minute details regarding the buyers which are instrumental is restructuring strategies for increasing consumer base for any e-commerce portal.

2. Conversion Funnel

The term ‘conversion funnel’ is extremely crucial to every e-commerce portal. It gives a comparative analysis of the visitors to the website and those who opted to buy a product of a specific brand. The conversion funnel is considered to be very significant in the case of decision making for a client.

3. Which Channel Brings Sales and How Much?

E-commerce is considerably a newer avenue of marketing domain. Although there are specific offline strategies which are used these days, there are few online channels which are considered to be strong enough to attract more consumers. ComTec Ecommerce Analytics provided a detailed insights on the online consumer buying behavior and help a business focus and align their business goal in sync with those channels. Not only the quality of the channel is important but also sales campaign also signified to the sales value obtained later.

4. What are the Visits to Sales Ratio?

Most of the e-commerce portals often rely on social media. The problem of social media is customers who no way belong to the probable consumer base visit the website. Although this ensures better website site traffic, do not reflect on the sales. Some analysts can end up misunderstanding the data, saying the quality of available isn’t up to the standard. But in reality, this can be opposite. Thus it is essential to have a look at the visits to sales ratio to understand the real marketing scenario from an e-commerce perspective and to become customer preferred eCommerce portal.

5. Sales

Sales individually is another parameter which the Sales Dashboard highlights. Sales are the final conversion parameters and give the client details regarding stock availability. Besides this, sales also help to understand the choice of any user and subsequently help in re-strategizing for an e-commerce portal.

Sales dashboard also gives a clear-cut picture of the performance of the Google Ads, referrals, etc. which have been used.  They provide a clear understanding and planning of the strategies that need to be implemented. Overall, it can be said; ComTec solution offers unique research results in sales dashboard which is must need for analysts related to e-commerce portals.

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