Top 5 Powerful Optimization Tips For Increasing the Order Value

For any business, the basic target has always been to increase the footfall, website or app based conversion rate. The sole purpose of optimizing is to generate that much-needed traffic. There is no denying the fact that increasing Average Order Value (AOV) is the end objective of optimizing the whole retail process to substantial increase in order value in favor of the business.

Increasing AOV not only implies stable conversion rate of customers to potential consumers but also improves the bottom line which caters improving the metrics. It also necessarily considers improving the customer lifetime value. Therefore, AOV is often termed as Average Sale Value (ASV). Let us discuss in details about the 5 optimization tips exclusively provided by ComTec Solution which is pivotal to the growth of AOV giving more ROI in the long run.

1. Increasing Customer Loyalty

The success of any marketplace largely depends upon customer loyalty.  Customer shopping experience plays an integral part in shaping the long association with the concerned brand in the marketplace, which no doubt is directly associated with increasing Average Order Value. Increasing customer is directly linked to increase in sales order value. Consumer generated content is a major component in this regard which boosts up the sales as well as revenue in the long run.

2. Identifying the ‘Right’ Customer

The whole idea of converting customers to consumers in marketplace solely targets upon identifying ‘right’ customers. No doubt, the primary target is increase customers in the business, but the whole motive is to reduce wastage as well. A well-strategized approach will focus on an increase in consumers base along with an increase in Average Order Value, leading to both offline and online expansion of the brand as well as the active consumer base.

3. Measuring the ‘Effectiveness’ of a Loyalty Program Time to Time

One of the essential attributes of a marketplace is its variable nature. All brands pursue specific loyalty programs from time to time but those who create strategized programs specific to time stay in the market. A particular program may give huge benefits over a period of time but it doesn’t imply that the marketplace will be behaving in the same mode over a considerable period. Understanding the variability of the market is a key in drafting ‘effective’ loyalty programs, which is indeed a must while focusing on increasing Average Order Value. No doubt, the ‘effectiveness’ of loyalty programs ultimately paves the path for increasing brand loyalty in the long run.

4. Focusing on ‘Most Profitable’ Customer Segments

This is one domain where attributes in physical and online marketplace are common – but the parameters are somehow different in understanding and interpreting. ComTec solution provides valuable assistance in finding out the different customer. The metrics of the whole transaction gives a detailed overview of the ‘most profitable’ customer segments – which is coherent to the Average Order Values. The term ‘most profitable customer’ doesn’t necessarily mean the customer who brings up more revenue with typical buying pattern, rather is a benchmark in setting up or highlighting an ongoing market trend in any marketplace.

5. Designing Customized Offers and Discounts to Increase the Revenue

This is yet another key aspect which ultimately helps in increasing customer loyalty and brand loyalty in the long run. The dynamic nature of online marketplace calls for changing customized offers and discounts. No doubt, the metrics of Average Order Sales will depend on the effectiveness of the personalized offers and discounts provided to the clients. With ComTec solution, brands can reframe such offers and discounts with an effective approach to increasing the customers in the chain of transactions.

Nevertheless, Comtec solution presents the key segments which are instrumental to the increase in Average Order value in a stipulated time frame. AOV is a standardized parameter measuring the consumer base of any brand in a marketplace. The growth of a brand, with an increase in sales along with improved penetration in the marketplace has become synonymous with an increasing trend in AOV metrics. ComTec solution provides the required in-depth analysis and propositions to make branding a profitable one with better brand loyalty and increasing ROI. To get in touch, email us at For more details, please visit


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