Video Tarnscription – UiPath Demo Video 1

“Hello everyone. Before I begin with my demo, let’s have a brief overview about what is the purpose behind using RPA UiPath.

UiPath is just not about developing bots, its major focus is to reduce manual labor, time latency and increasing cost efficiency.

This demo gives us a snapshot about how Uipath can turn out to be a boom in Banking, Finance and Telecom domain where we have large number of invoices generated, each and every info is passed to the CRM or Exe application and a log file is updated to the status to be completed or incomplete.

To do it, we need a FT account from 1 to 5 or even more, with loads of brainstorming efforts thus reducing the cost saving and increasing the time complexity.

So to bring out a huge business and reduce the manual labor, we have UiPath bots that can do this task and bring hours of work into fraction of seconds.

So, lets automate.

As you can see, this is my UiPath workflow where my bot will go through my Outlook mail. And from my Outlook mail it will iterate through my Outlook mail message and the subject which contains RPA work.

In this, in my Outlook this is my mail which contains my RPA work. So it will save this pdf into a folder with folder named “New Folder” and from that pdf it will extract the required details and then pass it through my eCRM or you can say my Exe application. And then once it pass through this Exe application it will generate a log file to the status to be completed and it will send the out mail message to the end user giving details like what all data has been extracted by the bot, from my EXE through this text file.
So, lets automate and see.

Here we go!

Bot is successfully writing into my Exe application, then it will generate a log file and the process is completed.
In how much? – 36 seconds.

In the meanwhile, see this is my log file that has been generated by the bot, which contains all my status to be completed.

And from, this is my “DetailsFile”, this all data has been extracted by the bot.

And, here is my mail to the end user “Demo of UiPath”, which shows that the work is done.

So, this is how UiPath works, bringing the hours of labor, the hours of work into fraction of seconds, just 36 seconds it was.

Thank You !”