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ComTec offers comprehensive SAP PLM solutions across the entire lifecycle.


Product Planning and Contract Management
  • Product Positioning
    • Develop Product Positioning Strategy
  • Product Planning
    • Develop Product Plan and Document of Strategic Product Attributes
  • Contract Management
    • Manage contract performance
Concept Analysis and Development
  • Design Alternatives
    • Develop alternative Product Concepts
  • Select Alternative
    • Determine what Concept is development
  • Preparation for Program Initiation
    • Begin planning
Stabilized Production
  • Rejection Analysis
    • Identify Root Cause of defects
  • Process Analysis
    • Identify process defects
  • Corrective Action
    • Develop and Implement corrective actions
Product Lifecycle Support
  • Finished Product
    • Support Product
  • Service Parts
    • Deploy / Distribute Parts
  • Retirement
    • Prepare for new product
New Product Development
  • New Design Input
    • Establish Design Foundation
  • Develop Scope of Work
    • Finalize Development Plan
  • Initial Design
    • Convert Concept to Product
  • Prototype
    • Proof of Design
  • Final Design
    • Convert Concept to Product
  • Final Engineering BOM
    • Finalize Engineering Data
Manufacturing Integration
  • Manufacturing BOM
    • Add information to Engineering BOM
  • Production Tool Design / Build
    • Develop tooling to support production
  • Part Approval
    • Finalize parts
  • Master Production Schedule
    • Plan for production
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